• Quality control tests for weighing scales, balance scales, platform scales
  • Calibration of weighing systems with standard capacity weights from 0,5kg up to 20Kg and 250kg-1000kg.
  • Certificate issuance for the accurate weighbridge/scales weighing 



    ACHAIKI PLASTIGOPOIIA can provide technical support to all the types of weighing machine, with weights standards that are calibrated and certified by the Office of Weights and Measures, Metrology Department, General Secretariat of Commerce, Ministry of Development and Competitiveness, with Ref. Φ2-1960 / 18.07.2014, according to the international OIML R111 rules and European Union standards. After each control check, a certificate of precise operation is issued, for weighing with tare, linearity, eccentric loading, sensitivity, which is in line with the international OIML rules