ACHAIKI PLASTIGOPOIIA since 1948, fulfills any desire on the design, manufacture and maintenance of high-tech weighing systems. Our company, having put great emphasis on ensuring the quality of its operations, has implemented the quality management system (Q.M.S.) ISO 9001:2000.

Our System’s effectiveness is based on definite measurable objectives. These objectives are determined by the Administration and their degree of achievement is checked in the Review of the Q.M.S.

The Administration of the company:

  • Provides sufficient resources for unhindered, efficient and effective operation of the Q.M.S.
  • Watches and is informed on the technological developments in its field.
  • Has determined the criteria for the selection and evaluation of its suppliers and the control of supplied materials.
  • Applies a system of continuous briefing, training, education and improvement of its personnel.


ACHAIKI PLASTIGOPOIIA fully aligned with the national applicable laws and regulations, International Organizations’ standards such as O.I.M.L. (ORGANISATION INTERNATIONALE DE METROLOGIE LEGALE) and the EUROPEAN STANDARD. The company acquired the quality assurance certificate ISO 9001, by the German Accreditation Body NIS Zertifizierung und Umweltgutachter GmbH (NIS ZERT) and the CE mark for maintaining-installing weighbridges/truck scales and trading of scales & retail weighing equipment.

We are able to produce and market quality solutions and products, according to the customer needs and always in compliance with the international standards.


ce mark 2 OIML APPROVAL Γερμανικός Φορέας Πιστοποίησης  NIS ZERT